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Current News: Royalty Free Music For Explainer Videos

Royalty Free Music For Explainer Videos

Getting your audience to sit through your entire explainer video is a challenge. Video editors and video production companies often struggle to keep viewers engaged for the entire duration of a video. With so many distractions online viewers quickly become disengaged if your content falls short. Humour and a professionally shot explainer videos quickly go viral when well put together. A successful explainer video is shared countless times on social networks resulting in top ranking positions on Google and similar search engines. Explainer videos is a cost effective way to let your viewers and customer base do the heavy lifting via sharing and reposting for your company. Here are a few sensational royalty free music soundtracks to give your explainer video a facelift.

10. Technology And Motivation

A cool and bright technology friendly royalty free music soundtrack with clear piano as the main instrument, Technology And Motivation sound familiar. Not only is the melody pleasing to the ear, it leaves you wanting to listen to the entire underscore.

Download Technology And Motivation here


9. Love And Happiness

Warm and soothing featuring acoustic guitar and sustained piano chords that do not interfere with a narration. Add this soundtrack to your wishlist for future reference.

Download Love And Happiness here


8. Above And Beyond

Light synthesizers with progressive house elements to captivate your audience.

Download Above And Beyond here


7. Sacred Journey Royalty Free Music By

Soothing and lush featuring soft pads and subtle electronic drums creating a confident mood. Sacred Journey supports narration as a the instrumentation is non invasive and smooth. Ideal for yoga, the outdoors and general explainer videos pertaining to well being.

Download Sacred Journey here


6. Easy

Short and sweet featuring virtuosic guitar playing and quick melodic runs ideal for explainer videos.

Download Easy here


5. Carefree Day Royalty Free Music By

Optimistic and positive featuring ukulele and catchy whistling highlighting a pleasant experience. This music suits “how to” videos and is memorable for all video production and advertising campaigns.

Download Carefree day here


4. Edge Of Horizon Royalty Free Music By

Soothing featuring soft pads and light percussion creating a confident mood. This royalty free music is ideal for explainer videos, real estate and podcasts. Steady and relaxing in nature, this underscore provides the perfect soundtrack to your video campaigns.

Download Edge Of Horizon here


3. Happy Smiles Royalty Free Music By

Cheerful featuring bright ukulele and acoustic instruments creating an upbeat and feel good mood. Ideal for youtube videos, podcasts, vimeo explainer videos and general corporate content.

Download Happy Smiles here


2. Reaching High Royalty Free Music By

Successful and ambitious in nature, this royalty free music is corporate music at its best. Complete with synthesizer tones, morphed synthesizers and a climactic chorus bursting with energy. This is what happens when inspiration and motivation work together.

Download Reaching High here


1. Successful Life Royalty Free Music By

Hopeful and recognisable featuring melodic guitar and soft chords creating a dreamy and optimistic mood. Sets the stage for positive imagery pertaining to health and well being.

Download Successful Life here


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