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Current News: How To Light Your Youtube Videos

How To Light Your Youtube Videos

How To Light Your Youtube Video



Most of our readers are familiar with basic video lighting techniques but newbies can learn the following

3 point lighting technique used by experienced video producers. Here are a few lighting techniques for creating professional

looking Youtube videos.


3 Point Lighting Set Up

You’ll require 3 light sources.

For this tutorial, we’ll use the widely popular Fancierstudio -FL9060s4 Softboxes.

Fancierstudio fl9060s4

Fancierstudio fl9060s4


Important Points

We want to keep the light on the subject. We’ll need to control the amount of light

inside the room in which we’re filming. Consider covering natural light sources like
windows and skylights as this results in consistent lighting throughout the duration of the video.


3 Point Lighting Technique

3 Point Lighting Technique


Easy Set Design

Choose an easy backdrop to work with, preferably something subtle and not too busy.

Solid colors help create contrast between the speaker and background making the subject pop to the foreground.


3 Point Lighting Techniques

  1. Key light
  2. Fill light
  3. Back light


3 Point Lighting Diagram

3 Point Lighting Diagram


Key light:

The key light is raised and sits at a 45 degree angle pointed towards the subject. It lights a particular

side of the subject (either left or right side)


Fill light:

The fill light is not the same brightness as the key light. It is pointed at the unlit side of the subject thus creating

contrast and depth. If our fill light were as bright as our keylight, it would drown out the subject in a sea of light.

Contrast is what keeps our eyes fixated to the subject.

Fill lights can have a single bulb and is positioned further away from the subject in relation to the keylight.


Back light:

Back lights in this demonstration has 2 lights aimed at the back of the subject/speakers head. This adds light to

the top of the head causing the subject to pop out of the background.

The back drop itself is not lit but rather, receives light from the surrounding light sources. Florescent bulbs are

not only cost effective but tend to last years if well maintained.


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