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Current News: How To Design Catchy Clickable Youtube Thumbnails

How To Design Catchy Clickable Youtube Thumbnails

Use font fonts and clear text

Use font fonts and clear text

The best things come in small packages

Youtube thumbnails are 120 x 90 pixels leaving you virtually no room for useless frills.

Get to the point

Use an engaging image that is clear and not pixelated. The preferred dimensions are 1920 x 1080 pixels. Even though the final image is roughly the size of a quarter, high resolution photos look more professional and will keep your thumbnail looking sharp on smaller screens. Use a bold typeface, preferably clean and thick.

Looks matter

Select an engaging image. Your image should tell a story in a single snippet or an exciting moment in your video. Use a suspenseful look or use a before and after result of a “how to” video. If your background image is too busy with lots of color, use a font with a border or confine it to a solid color background. If your videos cover a reoccurring subject matter consider using the same elements on your thumbnails that are easily identifiable. This can be your logo, name or symbol. This begins to make more visual sense on your Youtube channel. With several Youtube videos on your channel, similar themes are instantly recognizable making a viewers experience pleasant.

Last impressions

Your Youtube thumbnail should sell that click. Use these tips to get more from your marketing and advertising efforts.


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