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Current News: Find The Perfect Royalty Free Music Soundtrack Faster – 4 Quick Ways

Find The Perfect Royalty Free Music Soundtrack Faster – 4 Quick Ways

As music libraries multiply exponentially literally overnight, finding that perfect song becomes tedious.
Now, finding the ideal song is quick and easy with GrooveDen’s quick search tool


Standard Search Bar:

Use the standard search tools to enter descriptive terms associated with the royalty free music you’re searching for.

Best practices: Enter single words as opposed to phrases. Typical examples are “Happy” “Ukulele” “Confident” or “Summer”

Things To Avoid: Long phrases. Words that describe your video project. Examples “Architectural” or “Company Banquet” or ” Dinner At Maureens”


Search By Genre

Simply click on the genre tab above and select the royalty free music genre that you believe fits your video production.
Popular genres include Corporate, Trailer and Ambient. Once the results are displayed you can then select sub genres to further filter your search. Some categories do not have sub genres. Categories with Sub genres include Holiday And Seasonal with sub genres like Christmas, St Valentines


Search By Mood

Click on the mood tab and select the mood that best describes the music you’re searching for. Typical descriptors are Happy-Motivational, Relaxation-Meditation, Fashion-Lifestyle.


Search By Tags

Sometimes, all of the above searches don’t cut it. In this instance, simply expand the title field of any song to reveal its associated tags. Every royalty free music soundtrack on GrooveDen is tagged with relevant descriptors. Clicking on a single tag will auto-search the entire library for that tag. The tag search result includes soundtracks you may not have considered. This greatly widens your possibilities as this search include an array of tracks ranging from different genres and moods. You just might get lucky!


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