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Current News: Claire Underwood from House Of Cards “recently favourited” these royalty free music tracks.

Claire Underwood from House Of Cards “recently favourited” these royalty free music tracks.

Claire Underwood Royalty Free Music Favorite ListEven the fictional First Lady of the popular Netflix Original Drama series House Of Cards believes in getting her hands dirty for political advancement. Once a savvy CEO of the grassroots organization Clear Water Initiative, Claire’s only goal was improving her and her devious husband’s public image. Now serving as the US Ambassador To The United Nations, Mrs Underwood is once again shifting public opinion and making her stamp in the hopes of one day running for the presidency. Here are seven royalty free music songs campaign advisers closest to her recently added to her GrooveDen favorite list.


7. Breaking News

Appearing regal and diplomatic comes easy for the First Lady of the most powerful country in the world. Breaking News is what Claire Underwood’s advisers are determined to use when the Ambassador to the United Nations announces important policy changes and developments within the political arena.

Download Breaking News here


6. Nightline

Often accused of being too progressive for Conservatives, Claire has expressed viewpoints that many would find unconventional in the eyes of influential voters. Irregardless, Mrs Underwood’s flare and style makes up for any shortcomings her political prowess sometimes exhibit. Nightline is similar to her attitude – mysterious yet stoic all wrapped into one.

Download Nightline here


5. Luminescent

Luminescent is the royalty free music soundtrack for Claire’s Clear Water Initiative online video campaigns. Business minded constituents relate to the professionalism and corporate appeal her organization represents. Prior to becoming First Lady and an influential Ambassador to the United Nations, Mrs. Underwood invested considerable time crafting the ideal marketing campaign for her grassroots initiative. She often took the reigns on curating the ideal corporate royalty free soundtracks for all future video campaigns highlighting the positives of her charity.

Download Luminescent here



4. Technology And Motivation

Bridging the gap between technology and humanity is challenging. As an organization grows, it often looses its initial appeal as corporate alliances are formed making them less appealing to the younger demographic. Exposing the humane side of a large organization is key when fostering a younger generation’s ideal of corporate responsibility. As Clear Water Initiative grows in numbers, a shift to a more honest and transparent image is taking center stage. This is the royalty free music underscore that highlights the First Lady’s sincere efforts.

Download Technology And Motivation here


3. Top Secret

When Claire became Ambassador, critics claimed her coveted position was not earned. After several rookie blunders, she managed to come out on top chairing classified meetings with top FBI and Secret Service officials. These closed doors sessions are filled with tense decision making situations that may potentially affect the lives of millions. Top Secret is the underscore to many tension filled dramatic scenes where one wrong move could result in her husband becoming a one-term president.

Download Top Secret here


2. Suspense Kills

Climbing to the top of the political ladder is no easy feat. As the Underwoods tread on thin ice, they risk losing everything should the press catch wind of the President’s extra marital sexual conquest and murderous activities. Washington is not for the faint at heart. Suspense Kills is suspenseful royalty free music highlighting the darker side of being a member of the political elite.

Download Suspense Kills here


1. Crime Scene Investigation

Ambition is a good thing – but when murder and illegal back room deals are used to get ahead a call for justice and transparency is needed. The Underwoods rub elbows with the elite. As underdogs plot to topple and shame the current administration it’s just a matter of time before the truth is revealed. Crime Scene Investigation will be the soundtrack when the Underwood’s reign comes crashing down.

Download Crime Scene Investigation


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