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Current News: 7 Catchy Advertising Jingles

7 Catchy Advertising Jingles

Ukulele driven royalty free music is highly popular. It’s simple, catchy and easily accommodates voice overs. Here’s a shortlist of 7 catchy royalty free music soundtracks.

7. Happy Days

Cheerful and upbeat with light glockenspiel bells, this versatile royalty free music fits with almost everything. With its quirky piano chords and joyful whistling, its no wonder we can’t get enough of Happy Days.

Download Happy Days here



6. Cheerful Spirit

Cheerful Spirit features the increasingly popular ukulele. With bouncy chords and repetitive melody, this royalty free music underscores should lighten up any video production.

Download Cheerful Spirit here



5. Fun Funky Groove

Hip, trendy and somewhat urban, Fun, Funky Groove is one of those get up and go soundtracks. With brass horns and familiar chord progressions, add this royalty free music to your video productions to enhance casual imagery.

Download Fun Funky Groove here



4. Carefree Day

Whistling is one of those things that is infectious. This repetitive whistling sequence instantly engages an audience and placed focus on the narrative. Simple, catchy and most importantly- effective.

Download Carefree Day here



3. Uplifting Rock

Move over ukulele, Uplifting Rock is a rock anthem bursting with the sun’s rays. This royalty free music captures all that is fun, carefree and easy going. It pays a clear homage to bands like Green Day and several indie rock bands, this alternative royalty free music is of a crowd pleaser amongst youthful audiences.

Download Uplifting Rock here



2. Sunny Day

Sipping on cool lemonade never felt this good. Sunny Day is your short and memorable royalty free music jingle with an upbeat chorus ending with a definitive down stroke.

Download Sunny Day here



1. Just Smile

Bet you can’t get this melody out of your head. You’ve warning you. Just Smile is catchy and has the potential to stay with you long after you stop listening to it. Royalty free music as catchy this is the reason for people coming back to review certain popular internet videos. With great power comes great responsibility. Choose wisely!

Download Just Smile here



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