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Current News: 6 Smoking Hot Indie Rock Royalty Free Music Soundtracks

6 Smoking Hot Indie Rock Royalty Free Music Soundtracks

Indie rock is the new black – or at least a multicolored hybrid boasting catchy pop heavy choruses and sometimes brooding undertones. Irregardless, it is here to stay. We’ve rounded up six indie rock royalty free music soundtracks for your next adrenalin infused video production. Hold on tight – it’s about to go down!

6. Wish You Were Here

Bright and cheerful, Wish You Were Here screams summer fun. Sun soaked guitar riffs with upbeat drums and a rockin’ chorus makes this is perfect background music for anything exciting. Simply add the full length preview version to your video editing software and voila – instant happiness.

Download Wish You Were Here here



5. Tough As Nails

Unleash your inner inmate. Tough As Nails should have been the theme song to Australia’s prison based hit television series, Wentworth. With aggressive guitars, scorching vocals and epic synthesizers, slow motion riots now have a suitable underscore. Power to the people!

Download Tough As Nails here



4. Pop Rocks

I remember my first road trip. Cool car, cool friends and awesome weather. Acquainting ourselves with route 66 in blistering heat only looks cool with a soundtrack like Pop Rocks.

Download Pop Rocks here



3. Uplifting Rock

If Green Day composed royalty free music it would sound like Uplifting Rock. It’s essentially American Pie meets MTV. Uplifting Rock is the anthem to fun, happiness and unbridled enthusiasm.

Download Uplifting Rock here



2. Set It Off

Get set, ready, go. Set It Off is the adrenalin junkie’s soundtrack, with it’s wall of sound and aggressive guitar riff, royalty free music never sounded so dirty.

Download Set It here



1. Pop Hit

Hair spray, bubble gum, tattooed arms and brooding poses. Pop Hit might have you fist pumping to its enthralling hook while thrashing uncontrollably in the air. Indie Pop royalty free music at its finest.

Download Pop Hit here



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