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Current News: 20 Popular Royalty Free Music Soundtracks for 2015

20 Popular Royalty Free Music Soundtracks for 2015

2015 Popular Royalty Free Music Soundtracks

2015 Popular Royalty Free Music Soundtracks


2015 Was a Hot Year For These Smoking Hot Royalty Free Music Soundtracks


2015 was a busy year as most online advertisers browsed the internet in hopes of finding the perfect royalty free music soundtrack to compliment their youtube videos. With a plethora of high quality soundtracks on the market a few noteworthy tracks often found their way in several popular online videos. Why do some songs resonate with us? What are the ingredients needed to make a song a hit? Record labels and composers spend countless hours producing what they believe is a hit song. In fact, savvy tech entrepreneurs have come up with a series of complex algorithms designed to identify “hit songs” based on key, time signatures, song duration, drum patters and arrangement. Let’s not forget industry trends that shape the way we shop for royalty free music.


Who would have thought the ukulele would become a staple in video advertising background music. After all, this instrument has been around for years but was never featured so prominently until big name companies began using it in their advertising campaigns. This seems to have struck a chord with viewers. The ukulele is simple, unusual and playful – all characteristics of which corporations hope we identify them with.


Sonic branding is now a “thing” in which sellers use particular soundtracks commonly associated with their ads. From shimmering pop royalty free music to tech based corporate music advertisers rely on particular soundscapes in hopes of differentiating themselves from competitors.


Over the years, we’ve taken a close look at how many GrooveDen users incorporate royalty free music in their youtube videos. Generally our power users tend to stick with similar genres time and time again. They rarely deviate from specific genres which makes sense when their focus is sonic consistency.

We’re revealing the GrooveDen 2015 royalty free music best sellers in no particular order.


20. Everybody Upbeat

Bursting with cheerful guitars reminiscent of a Katy Perry inspired pop anthem, Everybody Upbeat is catchy and to the point. Featuring pop drums and a simple arrangement, Everybody Upbeat appeals to a young and carefree demographic. With a steady build and piano inspired bridge, royalty free music with this structure both inspirational and versatile. Add this royalty free music to your favourites list and download a preview version to use in pre production phase.

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19. Warm Heart

Warm acoustic guitars add a touch of sincerity to any video production. Warm Heart supports a narration and doesn’t take away from visual imagery. Pair this royalty free music with soothing imagery to create a wholesome and organic experience. This soundtracks can be used for a variety of projects, from real estate, outdoors and general well being.

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18. Good Times

An unusual intro featuring delay drums and a punchy drop grabs the attention of the listener. Good Times is cool, trendy and plugged in. Indie style guitars with eccentric chordal structure speaks to those willing to be independent and in charge. It’s about doing things your way and not catering to the norm. Find your voice and be one of a kind. Good Times is a about rebellion and breaking away from the norm. Don’t be boring, be original.

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17. Growing Together

Soft piano intro with a steady rise in emotion featuring subtle choir and enigmatic strings. Growing Together tells the story of the emergence of brilliant ideas and highlights achievements. Great for corporate presentations of content that requires the attention of an audience susceptible for disengaging with the subject matter. Growing Together bridges the gap between distracted viewers can a message that desperately requires commitment and an immediate call to action.

Royalty Free Music






16. Acoustic Inspiration

A feel goof acoustic soundtrack featuring acoustic guitars and delightful piano melodies creating an easy going mood. Acoustic Inspiration captures the carefree attitude needed for conveying security and simplicity. This soundtrack is organic and offers insight into the inner working of the subject matter when coupled with compelling narrative and voice over. Reassure your audience and build trust and transparency with this inspiring soundtrack.

Royalty Free Music






15. Afternoon and Evenings

Billowing with positivity Afternoon and Evenings captures the softness associated with dreamy and easy going imagery. With shimmering transitions and delightful musical passages, use this background music for outdoors, education and imagery pertaining to nurturing and fostering healthy relationships.

Royalty Free Music






14. Starting Anew

This is the royalty free music that tells the story of a budding concept. A concept that involves bringing people and ideas together for a common purpose. With dreamy piano chords and flowing guitar melodies, Starting Anew fosters hope and collaboration among people. The emergence of clear ideas and a new way of doing things is what this soundtrack is all about.

Royalty Free Music






13. Sky Blue

Bright and carefree soundtrack featuring acoustic guitars and light drums highlighting an easy going experience. Sky Blue supports voice overs and positive imagery. A simple and friendly royalty free music track that adds a touch of warm to any video production. Sometimes the best way to convey an experience is to keep things simple. This soundtrack eventually culminates in an exciting brief chorus of guitars and active drums.

Royalty Free Music






12. Upbeat

Inspiring corporate royalty free music with dreamy like piano chords and ukulele featuring a shimmering top end. The arrangements features creative moments with synthesizers and dramatic build ups and time signature changes. Always exciting and keeps the audience engages, Upbeat provides the motivational dose needed to get your audience to execute the desired call to action.

Royalty Free Music






11. Sunny Day

Easy going and honest, Sunny Day provides the backdrop to sunny and fun imagery. With bright acoustic guitar this short royalty free music soundtrack is ideal for a wide variety of subject matters including real estate, education, family and more. Short but sweet.

Royalty Free Music






10. Redemption

Epic dubstep royalty free music featuring a glorious vocal choir and dramatic synth chords and deep rich bass provides the perfect underscore to technology rich content. This royalty free music can be used for sports, achievement, success story and innovative stories highlighting the emergence of something new and exciting.

Royalty Free Music






9. Taking Chances

Exciting featuring bold synthesizers and wailing guitars creating an exhilarating mood. Taking Chances like the name suggests leaves the listeners feeling that anything is possible. Couple this royalty free music with positive video imagery for the ultimate “Yes We Can” experience.

Royalty Free Music






8. Uplifting Rock

Indie rock never sounded this hot. With a fist pumping chorus showcasing raunch guitars and super cool transition, Uplifting Rock has become the anthem for over the top sports and action Youtube videos. Works well with content pertaining to extreme and wild experiences.

Royalty Free Music






7. Sunset To Sunrise

Pair Sunset To Sunrise with inspiring imagery to creative the ideal video ad campaign. Lush chords and a steady rise in emotion engages your audience. Anticipatory and full of wonderful transitions throughout this royalty free music soundtrack is what keeps it versatile and compatible with a wide range of creative projects.

Royalty Free Music






6. Indie Tones

Casual yet interesting, Indie Tones takes us on a fun journey full of hope and possibility. From the young and ambitious to footage showcasing the great outdoors and positive interactions, Indie Tones is the soundtrack which highlights friendly and positive experiences.

Royalty Free Music






5. Inspiration Time

Hopeful featuring bright guitars and triumphant moments. Inspiration Time captures the sound of a successful royalty free corporate soundtrack.

Royalty Free Music






4. Harmony

Lush chords and glorious choir featuring reflective moments. Harmony is the ideal ambient royalty free music soundtrack suited for yoga, science, meditation, technology and more. This soundtrack enhances your viewers experience.

Royalty Free Music






3. Roxanne

Classical guitar meets class and style in this short but sweet of acoustic guitar mastery. A memorable melody and light drums are what makes Roxanne a royalty free music favorite.

Royalty Free Music






2. Technology And Motivation

Memorable and familiar in sound, this soundtracks is right for content showcasing technology and general well being. This progressive house inspired royalty free music can serve as the backdrop for inspirational videos.

Royalty Free Music






1. That Summer Feeling

Bursting with cheerful guitar chords and get up and go pop drums, That Summer Feeling is the upbeat anthem used by many advertising and video production companies. This catchy royalty free music soundtrack is fun, cool and engaging. 

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