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Current News: 11 Heartwarming Acoustic Folk Royalty Free Music Soundtracks

11 Heartwarming Acoustic Folk Royalty Free Music Soundtracks

11 Heartwarming Royalty Free Music SoundtracksAcoustic folk royalty free music is often a “go to” for advertising companies. It’s warm, friendly and easily accommodates voice overs and narration. Often picturesque in sound, acoustic folks lends itself well to heartwarming imagery while dishing out a slice of wholesomeness. Below is a shortlist of folk acoustic royalty free music available on GrooveDen for your next video production. You need not be inside a coffeehouse to enjoy these warm and enthralling compositions.

11. Crossroads

Crossroads is an upbeat folk soundtrack featuring a fingerpicking acoustic guitar performance that mesmerizes the soul. With exciting transitions and uplifting musical passages, royalty free acoustic music never sounded so heartfelt and inspiring.

Download Crossroads here


10. Acoustic Inspiration

Acoustic Inspiration is earthy and organic featuring warm musical passages highlighting acoustic guitars and light piano. Tambourines offer a folky and uplifting attitude while keeping this royalty free music soundtrack suited for voice overs and positive visual imagery

Download Acoustic Inspiration here


9. Afternoon And Evenings

Bright and cozy Afternoon And Evenings features acoustic guitar and subtle piano that add a touch of warm to any video production. A recognizable melody with layers of acoustic instruments intertwining throughout the music, makes this soundtrack versatile.

Download Afternoon And Evenings here



8. Gold Coast

This royalty free music offers soft and slower tempo based playing. Piano, soft strings and subtle drums are introduced mid way throughout the composition adding a touch of reveries. A warm fretless bass and the occasional pizzicato string motif adds a touch of curiosity and a carefree feeling.

Download Goal Coast here


7. Honest Approach

Advertisers sometimes struggle to showcase the humane side of their big corporate clients. Honest Approach is a warm folk music soundtrack that suggests honesty and transparency. With soaring strings and soft acoustic guitars culminating in an upbeat and soft rock soundtrack, Honest Approach highlights the nurturing aspect of a video production.

Download Honest Approach here


6. Look On The Bright Side

Bright and uplifting Look On The Bright Side royalty free music suits many advertising campaigns. Simply add uplifting imagery.

Download Look On The Bright Side here


5. Sunny Day

Summery and carefree with a touch of excitement. This feel good royalty free music soundtrack is warm and to the point. Although brief, this soundtrack suits short advertisements bent on leaving a lasting impression with its audience.

Download Sunny Day here


4. Warm Heart

Warm Heart sounds familiar. It’s one of those royalty free music soundtrack that conjures the familiar even though you may have never heard it before. These are often the soundtrack that keeps an audience engaged for an extended period of time as they struggle to learn where they’ve previously heard the song.

Download Warm Heart here


3. Sky Blue

Cheerful with chunky feel good acoustic guitars and a hopeful attitude, Sky Blue is a simple acoustic folk soundtrack ideal for a wide variety of video productions. Tell a compelling story with a narrative that drives the message home. The latter portion of the royalty free soundtrack offers a brighter and happier tone.

Download Sky Blue here


2. Turning Over A New Leaf

Classy and somewhat elegant, this royalty free soundtrack leaves you wanting to hear more. Ideal for short advertising campaigns designed to leave a lasting impression in the minds of its viewers.

Download Turning Over A New Leaf here


1. Summer Afternoon

Lively and animated this folk soundtrack featuring virtuosic performance of the acoustic guitar and electric bass. With ear catching musical transitions and thrilling acoustic runs throughout the piece, there is seldom a dull moment during playback keeping viewers engaged and watching.

Download Summer Afternoon here


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