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Make money with GrooveDen affiliate program

How it works…

Register for an affiliate account below then send traffic to any webpage on GrooveDen while adding your unique affiliate id to the end of the URL and receive 25% of the entire referral order.

When visitors click on your referral link and purchases music from our music library, you will automatically receive 25% of the entire referral order. Once signed up, let us know which email address you accept Paypal or Skrill payments.



  • Earn 25% of every sale. users frequently purchase multiple tracks in a single session. Ex. If a user purchases $200 worth of music, you will receive 25% of the entire order ($50).
  • Get monthly payouts on time via Paypal or Skrill
  • Use our promotional tools to drive traffic from your website to GrooveDen



If you are already registered then please log in to access the affiliate area. Otherwise use the sign up form below to create an account


If you are not an affiliate, you can join the affiliate program by creating an account here:




Welcome to your affiliate area. Here you can find information about your affiliate link and earnings.

Affiliate Information


How to Create Affiliate links.

Your affiliate URL:


Send traffic via your personal affiliate code above:
Any incoming traffic from your website is directed to the index page.


You may also send traffic to specific song:

Find the song you wish to promote. Click on link to song. At the top of the browser copy and entire url of the webpage.
In this example we’re simply adding a unique affiliate code ?affiliates=15 to the webpage we wish to send traffic.
This ensure you receive credit for the referral. Remember to replace the code below with your own unique affiliate code. your unique affiliate code here



Royalty Free Music From GrooveDen

Direct your visitors to GrooveDen via your personal affiliate link and change the text using the code above. Tip: You can edit the “Royalty Free Music From GrooveDen” to something better suited to your target audience. eg Background music, stock music etc…




Total Earnings

GrooveDen Stats

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Commissions paid

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Monthly Earnings




Affiliate Banners

Besides regular text links you may use these banners to direct traffic.

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