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About Royalty Free Music

Welcome to GrooveDen Royalty Free Music Library

Located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada we are a royalty free music library comprised of 19 dedicated composers.


Our goal is to provide you with quality royalty free music for all creative projects without licensing restrictions commonly typical of other music libraries.


From Youtube video to broadcast television, our library is current and our customers may monetize their Youtube videos without copyright claims and notices.
All music is carefully curated and reviewed before appearing on GrooveDen.


GrooveDen adopts a minimalist approach. Our interface is clean and has been simplified over the years.
Author names have been withheld to encourage our users to make unbiased selections based solely on the integrity and usefulness of a soundtrack.


Our music licenses are fair and thorough granting our users the reassurance and legal protection they’ve come to expect from GrooveDen.

A legal usage license comes with every purchase. We urge users to archive these digital receipts.


Should you have any questions concerning licensed music or general inquiries, contact us at: info {@}

You may also consult our music licenses page here

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