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Current News: 10 Coldplay Royalty Free Music Soundalikes

10 Coldplay Royalty Free Music Soundalikes

10-coldplay-royalty-free-music-soundalikes Coldplay is no doubt one of the most influential bands to hit the music scene in decades. Their hit song Clocks is regarded as one of the greatest songs of all time. Here’s a shortlist of 10 Coldplay royalty free music soundalikes for video productions.

10. Believe

We’d be lying if we didn’t mention how much this royalty free music sounded like a Mutt Lang recording. With its ethereal and dreamy guitar arpeggios and over the top chorus, this background music spells inspiration.

Download Believe here


9. New Start

Here’s your motivational background music soundtrack featuring strings and a gradual crescendo culminating in an inspirational underscore. Perfectly suited for your corporate videos with its uplifting chorus and exciting transitions. Add this background music to your shopping cart or toss it in your wishlist for a revisit.

Download New Start here


8. Inspiration Time

Inspiring your audience just got easier with Inspiration Time. An exciting music underscore with cheerful undertones and moments of happiness, this audio underscore is hugely uplifting for content that requires a satisfying conclusion.

Download Inspiration Time here


7. That Winning Feeling Royalty Free Music By

Inspiration is what makes us dream big. Big, bold with repetitive piano melody that culminates to a U2 style soundtracks – add inspiring imagery to create that “Yes, We Can” effect.

Download That Winning Feeling here


6. Glorious Moments Royalty Free Music By

Steady royalty free music soundtrack with a rather simplistic beat and soaring strings that create a sense of ambition.

Download Glorious Moments here


5. Inertia Royalty Free Music By

Inertia is royalty free music that build over time. Ideal for voice over and compelling narrative, Inertia sets the stage for positive and motivational imagery. Download a preview and discover how this music adds life and sophistication to your video project.

Download Inertia here


4. Field Leading Royalty Free Music By

Bright and shimmery with sustained guitar tones developing into an inspiring Field leading is dynamic and adds dimension and depth to most video project. The subtle musical passages accommodates voice over while keeping this feel throughout the remainder of the musical score.

Download Field Leading here


3. Successful Life Royalty Free Music By

Instantly recognizable this royalty free music is type of soundtrack that engages your audience. This is the soundtrack that conjures feelings of warmth, familiarity and nostalgia.

Download Successful Life here


2. Reaching High Royalty Free Music By

Successful and ambitious in nature, this royalty free music is corporate music at its best. Complete with synthesizer tones, morphed synthesizers and a climactic chorus bursting with energy. This is what happens when inspiration and motivation work together.

Download Reaching High here


1. Taking Chances Royalty Free Music By

Optimistic and positive in nature, this royalty free music is high energy right from the start. Bursting with adrenaline one gets a sense of confidence when listening to this soundtrack.

Download Taking Chances here


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