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Will youtube flag my video for music copyright infringement?

Royalty free music purchased from is safe. We are not affiliated with digital tracking agencies that issue copyright warnings. We urge you to shop in confidence.

Must I give credit to GrooveDen in my projects?


Will I receive proof of purchase receipt after checkout?


I’m a singer. Can I sing over a soundtrack and make it my own?

We don’t allow vocalists to sing over our instrumental soundtracks for resale.

How many download attempts in my account?

Once your payment goes through, you can immediately download your files from your account. You have 4 attempts within a 5 day period. If you need more time, simply contact support.

What is GrooveDen’s refund policy

We do not offer refunds.
In the event a download file is corrupted, a replacement will be provided for you.

What am I buying?

You’re buying royalty free music and a license giving you the right to use our music in your project.
You are unable to re sell purchased music.

What is Royalty Free Music ?

When you purchase royalty free music, you’re buying the rights to use the music without having to pay any additional fees. It’s simply buy once, use forever. Historically, musical composers generated income through royalties (small amounts of payments) everytime their music got air play on television or radio. Within the music licensing business broadcasters (NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, etc) had to pay every time a musical composition is played – even if the composition is background music for a campaign, advertisement or public service announcement. Broadcasters had the duty to fill out a cue sheet. A cue sheet simply outlines the name of the author, the title of the royalty free music track and which PRO Performance Rights Organization said author is a member of. This process ensures the author collects royalties paid by the broadcasters and not the client (buyer of the royalty free music. The PRO Performance Right Organization ensures authors get their share. GrooveDen lets you purchase and use our royalty free music with a simple buy once use forever policy so go ahead, enjoy our music

What are music licenses?

When you buy a royalty free music track from GrooveDen, you are buying a license. A license gives you the right/permission to use the purchased song for a project. Projects can range from background music for YouTube, Vimeo, television, radio podcasts and more. All licenses are not equal. Find out what can and can’t be done with music purchased music. Learn more about GrooveDen’s simple licenses

How do I download royalty free music from GrooveDen?

After a successful checkout via PayPal, you will receive a secure download link

I just purchase a file but didn’t receive my download link. What must I do?

Once purchase is completed via the secure PayPal interface, you will be automatically directed to your secured download link. For a quick response, please contact us here in case you did not receive your download link

My computer crashed and I lost my purchased royalty free music. Can I download them again?

Please contact us here. Once verified, we replace your previously purchased royalty free music at no extra charge

Can GrooveDen make an audio edit to a track to fit my project?

Yes. GrooveDen can make audio edits to your already purchased royalty free background music in order to fit the length of your video projects. Typically, many users need an exact 30 second version of a song to conform to strict broadcasting rules, while others require different musical arrangements to suit the feel of a project. Please contact us here

Can I use the same royalty free music for multiple projects?

Basic usage license is limited to one use per project. Consider an extended or complete license for multiple uses.

I’m a music producer. Is GrooveDen hiring?

GrooveDen is currently seeking experienced music producers looking to sell their works on our royalty free music site.


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